The latest Global Gender Gap report indicates that achieving gender parity will require 151 years in North America. 151 years? Yes, really, 151 years. This report has been produced annually since 2006 by the World Economic Forum.

If you factor in all the countries that have been tracked continuously in the report, the global gender gap will close in just 99.5 years. Guess what that means? North America is lagging way behind. Progress in North America has completely stalled! Just to let you know how others are doing Western Europe should be able to close their gap in just 54 years.   When I ask people where they think the US is in terms of the gender gap, most people say, “We must be up there, the top 10 for sure!” Try #53, we dropped two positions from last year. Let’s look at a comparison of how just a few countries have changed over time. The US had been faring all right until 2011, when the decline started. Then, since 2014, we seem to have been in a free fall dropping from a rank of #20 all the way down to #53.  Contrast this with the performance of the United Kingdom (UK). They have only dropped from #9 to #21 over the past 14 years. If you want to see what can be done in terms of improvement, take a look at the performance of a country such as Costa Rica. They have gone from a ranking of #49 to a ranking of #13 over a short 5-year span.   Now, of course everyone wants to know the top 10 countries. Here they are.


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