A Solution for Gender Pay Parity?

This is a critical component to equity in the workplace for women. As women in the workforce, we have all experienced the challenges associated with knowing we have been paid unfairly and/or unequal.

Last week, a recruiter shared on Linked In (now deleted) how she offered a female candidate $45K LESS than what the job paid, because she knew the woman would take the position.

Pay transparency, while it may bring different and new hurdles, will offer a pathway to pay equity for women in the workplace.


Caroline Fairchild this week for Linked In writes, "A new report tracking wages and productivity of almost 100,000 U.S. academics across eight U.S. states over two decades has found that pay transparency significantly reduces pay inequality among men and women. If adopted at a wider scale, pay transparency could reduce the gender pay gap by as much as 40% after adjusting the wages for those who are underpaid."


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