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It has been 100 years since women earned the right to vote and  yet.........

only 7.4% of the Fortune 500 CEO seats are filled by women

This book, inclusive of the 100 years following the suffrage movement, is the result of multiple years of in-depth research. It serves to generate new awareness, uncover answers, dissect, and correlate trends to create replicable algorithms, and ultimately, this book and research within, calls for meaningful change in public and private organizations around the world.

We have built our understanding of the current state of female equity in the C Suite via meta-analysis research; reading the wisdom of experts in gender parity and interviewing executive women and men who are organizational leaders.


Women Executive Grit:  Powerful Stories of Women Who Earned the Silver Spoon.


Incredibly savvy women leaders are visionaries and working to make the world a better place. They often make it their mission to create environments that drive innovation and break down barriers for other women and the underserved in our communities.

These women have what we've defined as Executive Grit. Women with grit lead conversations and model their commitment to inclusion and equity. These actions speak loudly and inspire those around us to commit to changing the status quo. Studies show that women leaders positively impact business performance, the bottom line and the overall success of the organization they lead. The interviews represent women with executive grit who are changing the conversation and the environment around them.