Through our collaborations and partnerships with organizations like, Brightworks Consulting, EDGE Certification and others, we can assist your organization with equity in the workplace and on your Corporate Board. 

Our model is collaborative. 


With these collaborations and partners, you can develop or enhance your existing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy to increase the representation of high performing female talent into your executive pipeline.  


Companies want to establish equity in the workplace but are uncertain how to begin.

Our partner consultants work collaboratively with you to achieve gender equity and inclusion.


That’s what it will take for the world to achieve gender equity in the workplace.  We don’t have that much time and we’re willing to be you don’t either.  The Foundation for Female Equity and Inclusion partner with executive consultants who have been in this space for over 20 years.  With the latest research and best practices, they quickly assess and implement an integrated plan addressing gaps and opportunities in a holistic manner to make sustainable progress. 

Our partner workplace transformation consultants work across sector and industry to bring leading edge solutions to a very current issue.  Female equity and inclusion is our area of expertise and our partner consultants stand ready, with a clear vision for change, to build an effective strategy partnered with measured outcomes to accelerate your organization’s desire to become an equitable workplace.  

Our model is collaborative.  Our partner consultants work with your teams to develop or enhance your existing Diversity and Inclusion strategy to increase the representation of high potential women into your executive pipeline.  

Through out collaborations and partnerships , we can serve you with:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Assessments, Strategy and Certification

  • The Corporate Council on Female Equity and Inclusion

  • Women on Boards consulting and coaching

Our partners and collaborations areas of expertise

  • Strategy, Assessment and Implementation

  • Accountability, Goals, and Metrics 

  • Diagnostics and Strategy Development

  • Diversity and Inclusion Governance/Councils 

  • Gender, Race, Ethnicity 

  • Inclusive Leadership 

  • Recruitment & Career Progression

  • Sponsorship and Mentoring Initiatives

  • Talent Management Processes

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Work-Life Effectiveness/Flexibility